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Today we return to the Billy and Mandy Games category with two brand new and fun games for you all to play, with the first one being this one, called Operation Zero Out-Mandy, which we highly recommend to all of our visitors, as it focuses on Mandy, one of the most beloved characters in the show, who is going to act as a secret agent in this new game which crosses over to the world of KND - Kids Next Door. We will now proceed by explaining how the game works, so pay attention to these next lines! Use the stun gun to slow down the senior citizombies, and throw age-tonic grenades at them to turn them back into operatives. They can be re-zombified by other zombies, so be on the lookout all the time. Move using the four arrow keys, Z to fire the stun gun, X to throw the grenade, and hit right and left fast and repeatedly to struggle out the zombie's grip. Grenades must recharge before throws, so focus on the grenade meter, as it has to be filled. We are sure that you understood the instructions, so start playing this game right now, have fun, and remember to try out other games from this category as well!


Use the arrow keys, Z and X keys.


Operation Zero Out-Mandy Walkthrough

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