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We have not added any Andi Mack Games on our website in a while, so of course we are happy we get to do it right now, by offering you all the chance of playing Andi Mack: Inside Texts, a game you have not found on any other websites so far, so get yourself ready for a brand new experience, one we highly recommend to all, since we played the game before adding it, and we have a really wonderful time. Do not worry about doing good at it, because we will now explain how it works, so definitely you will do a great job! Well, after clicking on the play button, you are presented with the message menu in Andi's phone, and there you see from who she got messages. Click on the one you want, and then keep clicking on the screen in order to make the conversation advance, until you reach the end of it, after which you will have definitely learned something really interesting about the characters of this show. What are you waiting for? You now know the game, so start playing it, and when you are done, try other amazing games from our website, since we have plenty to offer you!


Use the mouse.


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kimberlyb12 13.08.2018 03:44

i love lucas

BabyGirl27Tb 10.07.2018 03:39

I want to ask you do you like Jonah or Walker

Aria 03.07.2018 20:28

I love that game before I played it

Aria 18.05.2018 05:25

This game is awesome

marzaevion 01.05.2018 18:03

makeit pop and andi mack is my favorit

Miguel 25.04.2018 22:15

Text me

laila 12.03.2018 17:07


shanakay hamilton 21.02.2018 19:30


riley 30.01.2018 19:18

I love andi mack she helped me through a lot of dark dark times she showed me that I wasn't the only one with there life changing

lilly 17.12.2017 02:16


amanda chapin 29.11.2017 04:37

i like it i was watching my tv

Abigail 09.10.2017 23:54

It was kind of boring and kin of fun at the same time.

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