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Billy and Mandy Happy Halloween is definitely a fitting game, since Billy and Mandy Games and Halloween Games go very well together, and not only that, but they also fit this time of the season, as we are in October, the month of Halloween, so this is definitely going to be a game that lots of children are going to play these days. Of course, since Billy and Mandy always have terrifying adventures, they are very excited for this holiday as well. Let's see what your role is in everything, so that you can begin playing the game immediately! You are going to control both Billy and Mandy, and you are going to do it using the arrow keys and the WASD keys. You will have to work together in order to get all of the lollipops in each level, and then bring them back to gravy, and once all of them have been brought back, you will have won the level, and you will advance to the next one. That's basically the main point of the game, and as you advance, more obstacles and challenges will arise, but if you concentrate and work together, you will do just fine! Good luck to everyone playing the game!


Use the arrow keys and WASD keys.


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