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Upgrade Chasers is the newest game our administrative team has to offer you all in the Ben 10 Games category, which we know for sure is a very beloved category of games from our website, which is why whenever new games with these characters show up on the internet, we make sure to bring them to you as fast as possible, which is why right now, for the first time ever, you all get the chance of playing this game, featuring Upgrade, one of Ben's classic aliens. Let's see what it is you have to do, so you have no problems winning this game! Use the left and right arrow keys to move the car, X and C for the special abilities. You need to have energy to teleport the car, and with the drill you are able to go straight through the rocks standing in your way. Fly to go over the spikes in the road, because hitting them will stop you, and transform the car in order to go below the obstacles that are up. You have to get to the end of the track each time, without crashing, and try to win as many points as possible. We invite you to start right now, as you should not be wasting any time!


Use the arrow keys, X and C keys.


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