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In the Mech-X4 Games category we have never before added any bubble shooter games, which is why we are very happy we are doing it right now, when our administrative team invites you all to play Mech-X4 Candy Shooter, where, instead of the usual bubbles, you are going to shoot candy, which is going to make the game ten times funner than it already is, which is something we are telling you from experience, as we have played the game before adding it on our website. Because of that, we are now going to explain the format, so pay attention! First, choose between the arcade mode and the classic one, with the difference being that in the arcade one the candy are going to slowly move down. You use the mouse to shoot candy at the candy at the top, in order to form groups of three or more identical candy, which are then removed, and in return you get points. Clear the screen of all the candy to clear the level. If you let the candy stack down to the bottom, you will lose the game, so do not let that happen. Start playing right now, and surely you are going to have a lot of fun on our website!


Use the mouse.


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