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We have seen that you really enjoyed the previous Amigo Pancho Games we have added on our website, which is why right now we return to this category by offering you all the chance of playing Amigo Pancho 4, which is the fourth game in the series, obviously, where together with Amigo Pancho you are going to go on all sorts of travel destinations, where, of course, he will need your help to escape from, like you helped in him the previous games. If you have never done this before, you can learn how the game works if you read this description to the end! In each level of the game, the character is flying using balloons, but there are obstacles standing in his way, so he can't rise up in the sky. You are going to solve that problem, by clicking on the different objects in the path, in order to clear up a path for the character to fly. Some objects can't be clicked on or removed, some have levers, and there are all sorts of problems you will have to solve, making each level feel fresh. Of course, things get harder with each new level, but they get more fun as well. Good luck to all of you!


Use the mouse.


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