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In the previous game we have added in the Hobo Games category, you helped Hobo escape from the prison he was held in, which, of course, is also a felony, meaning that Hobo is now being sought after by law enforcement all over the country, as he has gotten on the wanted list. That means that there are going to be people all over the place trying to get to him, but if you are here and you will play Hobo 3: Wanted, you are going to help him defeat them all in brawls, which helps him, and helps you have fun. Let's teach you all that right now, so that you can begin playing this awesome game immediately! You start by choosing between the easy, normal, and hard levels of difficulty. Depending on your choice, beating people is going to be easier or harder. Obviously, you are going to use the four arrow keys for the movement, and to kick, punch, and attack in all sorts of crazy ways, you are going to use the A and S keys. Your goal is to defeat all the enemies coming your way to beat you up, and advance until you reach the end of the game. Since you know what it is you have to do now, we are sure that you can start the game and have fun!


Use the arrow keys, A and S keys.


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