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We know how much you love playing Uphill Rush Games, which is why we return for a third time to this category, where we have seen that you enjoyed the previous games quite a lot, so something tells us that you are going to enjoy playing this one as well, since it brings a lot of awesome new races for you to take part in, new locations, and all-in-all a lot of fun, so we definitely invite each and every one of you to give this game a chance, whether or not you played previous games in the category before. If that is the case, you can learn what you have to do by reading this description! Use the four arrow keys to control your vehicle, the space bar for jumping or doing stunts, and X for turbo. You have a total of six available races, three of them being time trails, and three of them being races. You will race using different vehicles, and before starting each race you get to customize the racer and the vehicle. Try to reach the end of the track as fast as possible, get as many points as you can, and try not to lose all of the available lives you have.


Use the arrow keys, the space bar, and the X key.


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