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If you liked all of the previous Hobo Games, then you will certainly like this one as well, especially since this one takes things up a notch. Well, Hobo has fought everyone he could have fought on Earth, and after the Total War, all that was left for him to do was to go to space. He thought that in space, he would no longer have to fight, but that was not the case, as he now needs to fight off all sorts of aliens. Will you help him? Sure you will, so learn how to from this description, and then begin! You are going to use the four arrow keys to move the character, the A key to punch, and the S key to kick. To begin, you have to choose between the easy, normal, and hard levels, and you are going to have to work harder or easier depending on what you chose. You simply have to go on the war zone, battling everyone coming in your way, and defeating them, because they are going to do the same thing, since as soon as they see you they are going to do their best to defeat you. We want to wish you all good luck, and a really great time on our website, like always!


Use the arrow keys, A and S keys.


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