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We thought there were no other Money Movers Games to offer you, but it seems like we were wrong, as in this category right now we want to offer you all the game called Money Movers: Jailbreak, which, despite the fact that is in japanese, you are going to have a really awesome time playing it, which is something we tell you from experience, because if we would not have had fun with the game, we would not have brought it over to you as well. Let us explain the format right now, making sure that you will have no trouble playing and winning it. You will control one character with the arrow keys, and one with the WASD keys. Your goal in each level is to reach the end of it without losing any of the character, or the lives you have available. Along the way you will have to collect as many money bags as possible, and try to defeat or simply avoid any enemies that come in your way, avoid obstacles or traps. We are sure you are going to manage to do all this, and have a lot of fun, so give this game a go right now, only on our website, where fun is always guaranteed! This game is known like Money Movers 4 or Money Movers 2018.


Use the arrow keys and W,A,S,D keys.


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