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We now return to the Stick Figure Badminton Games category, where we are very happy that right now we are able to offer you games such as this one, called Stick Figure Badminton 2, which is the second game belonging to the series, so it brings back all of the amazing things from the first one, and adding new and updated graphics, and a lot of new and awesome things, all of which we are sure you will love. If you did not play the first game, learn how these games work by reading this next part of the description to the end! You first choose between the single player and 2 player mode. You can then choose to be either a stick figure, or a robot. You will use the mouse to move the character you chose around, and when the ball comes your way you have to use the mouse to get it and click to shoot it back, as your goal will be to throw it to your opponent's side of the field so that he does not catch it, and so you win a point. The one with the most points at the end, wins. In the end, we can only wish you good luck, and invite you to try the other new games we have added today as well!


Use the mouse or arrow keys.


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