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Poop It is the first game added in the Poop Games category, and one of the best skill games you are going to play today on our website, so really, for anything in the world, you should not be missing out on the chance of playing it, as we guarantee you all will have a really amazing time, like it is possible to have only on our website, where we always want to give you only the best and most fun games on the internet. This is also an original game developed by our team, so get ready for a fresh experience, so we will begin by explaining what it is you will be doing in the game. In this game you play against time, so you have to move fast every time. You will have several poops on the screen, and if they are of the same color, you click on them all to crush them, getting some seconds in addition every time you clear the screen of them. When they are of different colors, your goal is to make them all the same color by clicking on them, and when that is done, all of them will be cleared at once. How many can you get before the clock reaches 0? Start playing the game to find out, and have a really great time doing so!


Use the mouse.


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EmmaIsLitDudes 20.03.2019 07:54

This game is too stressful dont like it

emzy hammer 20.03.2019 07:53

POOP, why poop?

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