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Captain Underpants Games like the ones you get to find and play on our website you do not get the chance to find and play anywhere else, case in point being the fact that right now you get to play Captain Underpants Coloring Book, which is the first ever coloring book game from this category, and not only that, but it is an original game developed by our administrative team, meaning that you are most probably experiencing this kind of the with these characters for the first time. Because of that, let us explain the format in this next part of the description! First, you choose which one of the eight pages you want to color. On the bottom of the game screen you are able to find the colors that have been made available to you, and you will simply click on the color you want, and to color you click and hold them move the mouse around however you want to. From under the page you can also choose the eraser if you need it, and you also choose how big the point with which you color is going to be. Now that you know all this, start the game immediately, and don't look back, even for a second!


Use the mouse.


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