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Secret of the Shadow Mines is the latest addition to our category of Slugterra Games, so if you like playing action-adventure games, then it is your lucky day, since this game has all of that, plus a lot more things, so it is certainly an experience you can't miss out on, which is something we are telling you from our own experience with the game. Together with Eli you are going to venture in the Shadow Mines, which are hiding some secrets you will be discovering. You surely want to to it, so let us explain how from this description, thus making sure the game is going to be very fun. You are going to control the movement of the character using the four arrow keys, and with the space bar you are going to shoot your gun. You are going to go around the mines, where you will have to defeat all of the monsters that come in your path, and there are plenty of them, trust us when we say that. There are also going to be power-ups or different objects you should grab, but make sure you avoid any traps or obstacles. Also, remember that you only have three lives at your disposal, so losing all three of them means having to start all over again. Good luck!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.


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