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On Friv now you can play games like Roblox Blitz where you have fun with the main characters and skins from the real Roblox online. In this type of game you will have to connect the bubbles where you find the same character. Connection those characters will destroy the bubbles and you will gain some points. You will get more points by destroying more bubbles in the same time, so, be carefully if you want to have hi-scores. In each level you will have in the left corner the objectives of the level, so, to complete it you have to destroy how many bubbles are script there. Roblox 2018 from Friv it's a great skill game with many levels, great graphics and sounds. The best part of this game is that is a friv free game, made by a fan of Roblox Hack. We hope that you will have fun playing this, and we are waiting you for more Roblox Games!


Use the mouse to play Roblox Blitz.


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Tigergirl08hl 18.08.2019 14:35

I couldn't play bc it was not loading or frozen I clicked to continue but it just made a bell sound

Kaltham 10.08.2019 07:16

I love game

Amanda 02.08.2019 22:29

I lovet

Donny 06.04.2019 15:16


SCARSNAKE17 07.11.2018 23:43


koshi 02.11.2018 21:11

this isnt even rroblox

yoli joga 20.05.2018 20:00

ma love you ... kkkkkkkkk lol kkkkkkkkkkkkk

jovana 10.04.2018 08:55

Roblox is the best game ever I love that game roblox i lovet so macth

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