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Shooting games, tank games, and airplane games all in one game from the Armor Games category? Yes, that is right, and the game that we are talking about is this one, a game entitled Flankmeister, which our administrative team played and had a terrific time doing so, so immediately after playing it we made sure to bring it over to our website, so that all of you can share in the fun that we have had. Now, the title does not give away very much about the gameplay, so in this description we are going to explain how you play the game, so make sure that you pay attention to it! You are going to control the cannon of a tank, with your goal being to take down all of the planes and bombs you see, in order to defend your flank, as you are the flank master. You might get shot as well, so try to shoot down your enemies before they manage to do the same to you, since your life is limited. It's that easy, and that fun, so waste no time at all, give the game a chance right now, and remember to try the many other new and awesome games we have added today on our website as well!


Use the mouse.


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