Zomburger 2: Market Revenge


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Zomburger 2: Market Revenge is one of the newest zombie games we have just added into the Addicting Games category on our website, a category of games we are doing our utmost best to fill up with as many wonderful games as possible, and we have no doubt that we have managed to do that so far, and not only that, but surely you are also loving the games that we are offering you here, so why would you not like this one as well. Zombie defense games have always been popular, and this one will as well, since it is also a sequel. Want to know how to play it? Then simply read this description. The zombies have gotten hungry, so they are now invading the city to reach the burger land fast food to get burgers. You will be doing your best in order to stop them. How? Well, if from the bottom of the game screen, where you have the weapons slots, you choose a weapon, and then with it move it over the zombies to defeat them, scoring points in return. As you advance, you are going to be able to win more points and get all sorts of different attacks, which are going to get better and better against the zombies, since they will also get stronger with each wave. Have fun!


Use the mouse.


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