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We like making our category as diverse as possible, which is why right now in the A10 Games one on our website you are all able to play the game called Five Nights at Freddy's, which is a type of horror game which has become very popular these fast few weeks, being already a franchise, with more entries to it than this one, but we wanted to bring you the game with which everything began, so this is the first game in the series. Because of that, some of you might not know what you have to do in it, so we invite you read about that from this next part of the description! Scroll around the office by pointing to the left or to the right. Check camera by scrolling over the bar in the bottom right corner. Change the camera with the arrow keys. This is a horror game in which you use the point and click system to interact with everything around you, and sometimes you will be scared, but you have to learn not to be afraid and continue. Explore all rooms in all nights, and have a horror adventure that you do not want to miss out! Give the game a go, and stay with us if you want to discover the other games in this series!


Use the mouse.


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