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Doodle Jump is without a doubt one of the most popular platform jumping games in the world, if not the most popular, which, after being a hit in the world of mobile games, it is finally time that it is available in the world of online gaming as well, which is why it is now playable on our website, in the amazing category of Gogy Games, and we are sure that all of our visitors are going to be very happy because we now have this game on our website. Of course, if you are already fans of it, you know what to expect, but if not, make sure you read this description and learn how it works. You are going to use the arrow keys to jump from platform to platform, and try to jump on the green ones most of the time, since the brown ones crumble once you touch them, so if you do jump on them, do it carefully. On some platforms there are springs, which you should jump on, since they will allow you to jump multiple platforms at once. You also have all sorts of bonus items along the way, so grab them, since they will be useful. The higher you reach, the more points you get, so try your best not to fall and lose the game. Good luck to everyone!


Use the arrow keys.


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