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Freddy Fazblox's Pizza is a game combining Five Nights at Freddy's Games with Roblox Games, so we are sure that we are making lots of children happy on our website, since we know that both of these categories have a lot of fans, so there is no doubt at all that you are going to have fun even more if you play a game that combines both of these worlds. The result is an amazing experience, and you can trust us on that, since we have made sure to play the game. Because of that, we are now going to be able to tell you what it is you have to do in the game, so make sure you pay attention, so that everything works out! You are going to use the mouse to look around the pizzeria, and you are going to press the space bar if you want to light up the hallways, so that you see what is coming towards you. With these controls you have to interact with your surroundings, with your goal being to avoid the animatronics catching up to you, because if they do, you are going to get killed by them, and lose the game. It is a very exciting game, and a really interesting one, so start right now, and fun is going to be guaranteed!


Use the mouse and space bar.


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Survive The Jeff Killer 14.09.2019 06:40

Is so Scare I’m New

Coconut 🥥 26.08.2019 06:59

This game is awesome and fun 👍👍

ele@ plaz 08.08.2019 20:56

The game ..... amazing

Robin hood 08.08.2019 17:48


Robin hood 08.08.2019 17:47

Eu gosto de roblox

Makayla A 08.08.2019 12:54

I have no words for this roblox blitz

Myrah 07.08.2019 19:07

It is a good game

Shrey Shrey 05.08.2019 15:46

Amazing game for kids

Renatha 03.08.2019 18:38

Fala tudo mesmo tipoo:Vai se ferrar ,sai inferno ,Vai pro inferno 😝

Hasbay212 02.08.2019 13:17

Like this game because it is really fun

Kaylee 13.07.2019 01:08

Is CU's Like it I love pesue

M55arshmellos0 03.03.2019 16:54


89825358021 15.11.2018 15:36


nahara_ 09.11.2018 20:27


Kaylieminor 07.06.2018 20:05


kk 07.06.2018 20:05

is there a video of this game freddy fazbloxs pizza

swwe 14.03.2018 18:37


lyna 15.02.2018 04:24


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