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Motu VS Patlu is a game from the Motu Patlu Games category that will not resemble anything else you have played in this category before, since these two pals usually work together, only in this game they are rivals and they are going to fight one another, and thankfully for you all, you get to take part in this competition as well, and have a really awesome time, like we are sure that you do with all of the other games in this category as well. Let's teach you how to play it right now, so that you do a great job at it! Hold down the space bar to launch the lads into combat, and release it to have a whack. Aim for the sweet spot, so be careful not to swing too early or too late. The closer you are to your opponent, the more powerful the clout is going to be. You choose to play either as Motu or Patlul, and you can then start playing the game and having fun. Now that you know, this is what you should be doing, so start the game, and stay with us, since more amazing games are going to follow today on our website, all of them highly recommended!


Use the space bar.


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