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We have not added any coloring games in the Potu Matlu Games category in the past, so of course we are very happy that we get to do so right now, when each and every one of you are invited to check out the game called Motu Patlu Paint Fun, which is going to be a truly interesting and fresh experience, which is why we hope that none of you are going to miss out on the chance of playing this game and having lots of fun. Because we are sure that you will not do that, we will now continue by explaining how the game works, so that you do a great job at it! First, choose your favorite character from the ones below, to get the image in black and white which you can then color. On the left you have color patterns which you can use, and on the right you have colors. To use any of them, click on the color you want, and then click on the part of the black and white image which you want to fill with that color. Simple as that. Use this method to make the image look however you want to, and we are sure that it is going to end up looking amazing. Give this game a go right now, and surely you are going to enjoy it a lot, just like we did!


Use the mouse.


Motu Patlu Paint Fun Walkthrough

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