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The first and only game belonging to the Dragon Booster Games category, which is a category of games based upon an older animated television show, which has quite the fan base, is this one, called Dragon Booster: Race for Power, which is a game we highly recommend you to try, especially since we know that there are no other websites that currently provide Dragon Booster Games online, as we once again bring unique categories to our visitors, like usual! Of course, allow us first to explain how the game works, so that you are going to be able to do a great job at playing it. Well, you are going to choose between the quest mode, race mode, and the track building mode. For the last one it is obvious that you are going to build your own track. In the first two ones, you are going to be racing other dragon riders, using the arrow keys to control your dragon, with the goal being to be the first one to reach the finish line, so do your absolute best at that, in all the races! Avoid any obstacles, and the on the lookout for any power-ups you might find. We wish you all good luck, and a really fun time on our website!


Use the arrow keys.


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Dragon Booster:Race For Power

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Dragon Booster: Race For Power

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