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Doraemon Hunger Run is the first but not the last game we are providing you all today with in the Doraemon Games category, which we know you love a lot, so more content in it must always be welcome. You might have played running games in this category before, even running and jumping games, but this one is going to be a whole new and interesting experience, since we are talking about a game in which food is involved, as you are going to on the run because the future cat is hungry, so you will help it get all of the food on the track. How? Well, worry not, because we are going to explain everything about the gameplay right here and now. You are going to use the space bar to jump, as the character is running on his own. There are two reasons for which you are going to be jumping: one is that you need to avoid falling into the pits between each platform, and the other one is for grabbing the food along the way, which earns you extra points, in addition to the points you get for the distance that you have managed to make. Why wait? Start right now, and we are sure you will be enjoying your time here from beginning to end, just like we did!


Use the space bar.


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