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Welcome to yet another exciting game we are very happy to share with all of you today into the Doraemon Games category, which we know is a beloved one on our website, so we are certain the the more games we can offer you into it, the better for everyone, so right now we have added this one, a game called Doraemon and the Bad Dogs, which is going to be an adventure game that does not resemble anything else you have played here in the past, so you have the more reasons to check it out. Don't worry, because we are going to explain it right here and now, so that you do a great job at it! You have a total of eight levels. You move around with the left and right arrow keys, and you can fly by pressing and holding the up arrow key, then moving into the wanted direction. The goal is to collect as many objects on the way as possible, for points, but also avoid any traps that you might find, as well as the bad dogs, who if they catch you, are going to bite you, and we are positive that you do not want that happening at all, right? Now that you have learned how the game works, start it with confidence, and have a blast!


Use the arrow keys.


Doraemon and the Bad Dogs Walkthrough

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