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There are not too many football games currently available in the Choota Bheem Games category, so it is with great pleasure that right now we are sharing with all of you the game called Bend It Like Bheem, which is exactly that type of game, which we are sure that so many of you are going to appreciate, since we know that soccer games online are popular all over the world, so if you also play with with Chhota Bheem, the experience is going to be even better. Well, if so, let's explain the gameplay next, so that you can start playing the game immediately! Your purpose is going to be to target the goal, and make sure that the keeper does not grab the ball. Tap at the correct moment to get the optimal speed needed. In the time limit in which you are playing, try your best to score as many goals as possible, and earn a really big score. In each level you have a target you need to reach, but if you get even more points, then even better for everyone. Start right now, and we are sure that you will be just as delighted about this game as we have been when we have played it!


Use the mouse.


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