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We were among the first websites to add I am Frankie Games online, which is why we are always on the lookout to see if any new games based on this show have appeared online, so as soon as we discovered I Am Frankie: Which Character Are You?, we knew we had to bring it over, especially since we do not think that any other quiz games have been added here in the past, so you are going to have a fresh experience. Through this game you will learn which character from the show you resemble the most, and if you want to know how you do it, you need only to read this description to the end! You will have a total of ten questions, where you are being put to choose between the four available options. Some are questions, at some of them you simply have to choose between three things. All the answers have both images and texts, so they are really easy to understand by most of the players. Based on the answers that you have given, at the end of the game you will see the character which represents you, and you get a short description of him or her. Start right now, and enjoy yourself, only on our website!


Use the mouse.


I Am Frankie: Which Character Are You? Walkthrough

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Hudson Kettering 24.06.2018 16:30

I got Frankie Gaines and I have a tremendous crush on her and I'm just like her in every way!

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