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With Boulder Bashing Ty, we are making our return to the Dinotrux Games category, in which we know we have not added new content in a while, which is exactly why we wanted to come back to it and bring you more games, especially since we know that the show is now world-wide, so there must be a lot of interest in these games from all over the world. There have also not been any other games like this one here before, so you are in for a treat and a new experience. Of course, first, we are going to explain what you do in the game and how, so make sure you pay attention to the next lines! There are going to be rocks popping up on the screen, so use the mouse to swipe over them and bash them, getting points in return. If you get to do combos by smashing multiple ones at once, you get more points, which is better. There are special rocks which you should bash to get extra lives, but some you have to avoid because otherwise you lose lives. You also lose a life if you miss cutting rocks. Good luck to you all, and we hope you will really enjoy your time spent on this game!


Use the mouse.


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