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Double Edged is one of the best 2 player games and action games you will be playing today on our website, without a doubt, with the game being a game where you are going to be able to play the role of a gladiator, which is certainly awesome, because we do not think that we have had many gladiator games on our website before, so this is probably going to be a fresh experience for many, and the fact that you get to play it in two players is going to make it even better. Of course, we will be explaining how the game works right now, so have no worries whatsoever! In each level, you are going to go and battle against mythical enemies and monsters, and you have to do your best to defeat all of them to win the game. For a more powerful attack, press jump and hit at the same time. Player one uses the arrow keys to move, and the two arrows to jump and hit, player two uses W,A,S,D to move, G to hit, and H to jump. Weather you play single player or 2 player, give it your best all the time, and we are sure you will have simply a fantastic time, like with all of our games!


Use the arrow keys and WASD keys.


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