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Here we are with yet another fantastic game belonging to the Dinotrux Games category, which, as you can see, has two new games today, for which we are sure you are very happy, since we know that this is a beloved category of games, so more content in it, the better for everyone, right? Well, that's for sure, so we could not miss the opportunity of bringing you games such as Revvit's Repair Rally, which is a very fun game unlike any other in the category, so we will now explain how it works, to make sure you win it with a lot o ease! You are going to use the four arrow keys to direct the character, with the goal being to help him pick up a certain set of objects, so that you use them to make repairs. There are also some parts on the track which you have to avoid at all cost, because hitting into them too much is going to cost you the game, and we are sure that you do not want that to happen, right? Waste no time at all, give the game a go right now, and when you are done, do not hesitate to check out what other brilliant games we have in the same category!


Use the arrow keys.


Revvit's Repair Rally Walkthrough

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