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The Rubble Trouble Games series from the Nitrome Games category on our website is now going to yet another fantastic city in the world, and this time we are talking about Tokyo, where you are going to have the chance of destroying this beautiful city to your liking, which we are sure is an experience that not many other games are able to provide. The reason for that is because these are demolishing games, where you get to tear buildings, and this time, you do it in the capital city of Japan. We will teach you how you do it right now, so worry not, you will do great! For every building that you destroy, you are going to get money in return. You have a target value in each level, which you have to reach in order to move on to the next one. From the bottom you select the tools that you want to use, with some of them being limited, some of them being infinite. Do not hit protected buildings, or workmen sitting on them, because then you lose money. To interact with the world around you, use the mouse, with which you will demolish as you please. Stay with us all day if you want to continue finding awesome games to play!


Use the mouse.


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