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We know that in this time of year, Santa Games are more popular than ever, which is why we could not have missed the chance of offering you all the game called Santa on Skates, which is the newest game that features the most beloved figure of Christmas for children, since Santa is the one that every year brings them their gifts. In his free time, despite popular belief, he still enjoys winter activities, and winter skating is one of them. You will do it together in this game, so next up we are going to explain how the game works, so make sure you pay attention! Santa is going to be skating forward by himself, but on his path, there are going to be lots of obstacles in his way, like ice blocks, spikes, or fires. The thing is, you have to help him avoid them all, and to do so, you are going to make him jump over them. To do so, click and hold the mouse however much it is needed for you to jump successfully over the obstacle, with the ultimate goal being to reach the finish line. Of course, you get points in return for achieving that. Each level is harder than the last, but if you focus, we are sure you will do great!


Use the mouse.


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