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Wool Warp is a brand new game we have added into the Skylanders Games category from our website, where we know that you want to be able to find and play more awesome games, which is why we could not have missed the chance of offering you this game, which we have seen cannot be found on many other website, so it means that for many of you this is going to be your first experience with this game. We are going to use the next part of the description to explain to you what you do in the game and how, so make sure you pay attention so that you do great! You use the four arrow keys to select a location, the space bar to teleport to the location you have selected. You have to make sure that you save enough sheep before the time runs out on you completely. There are icons which if you collect allow you to teleport all the time, or really far, or there are ones which can help you unleash a special ability, if you press the X key. Can you save enough sheep? Well, if you focus, you will, and you will also have fun, so start right now, only on our website, where we invite you to try other online Skylanders Games as well!


Use the arrow keys, space bar, X key.


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