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Tower defense games have not been added before into the Skylanders Games category from our website, which is why we are excited that right now we get to bring you the game called Dreadyacht Defenders, which is that type of game, and which we are sure that is going to be even better than the strategy games that you have gotten used to in the past, since this one takes place in Skyland, and you play together with these fantastical and interesting creatures. We want to explain to you how the game works right now, so that you can get on to playing it immediately! Well, you are going to use the mouse to place defenders on different places, in order to help you defend from the different enemies that are going to attack you. Each creature has a different ability, so you have to think of the best way to use them. There is really not else we could be telling you about the game, so we invite you to give it a chance right now, and not only that, but stay with us, because more games are going to follow all day long on our website, and each one of them is really fun!


Use the mouse.


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