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We hope that we are not the only one excited about the Star vs the Forces of Evil Games which are always added on our website, where we want to be able to provide you with the most awesome Disney XD Games online. The game which we have added today for you on our website is called Happy Star Butterfly Puzzle, and it is a very interesting jigsaw puzzle for you to solve. Like it says in the title of the game, the puzzle depicts Star Butterfly, the main character of the show, being very happy with her unicorn. If you want to know how the puzzle is solve before you start, you can find from here, so keep reading! After you are done watching the puzzle and trying to memorize how it looks, you have to press the button on the right. When you do that, all the pieces will be shuffled on the screen randomly, and only then can you start solving it. Use the mouse to move the pieces around, and make the puzzle look just like it did at the beginning. The other button solves the puzzle for you, but we doubt a smart kid like yourself will need it. Wait no more, play this game right now, and have fun with these characters!


Use the mouse to solve the puzzle!

Happy Star Butterfly Puzzle Walkthrough

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Maddy 18.07.2016 22:56

My child maddy did not like this game because there was no help with it so when a 5 year old plays games there should be some help for them

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