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Welcome all to Toro Training, a brand new game added by our administrative team into the Ferdinand Games category on our website, a category of games based upon the animated movie with the same name currently running in cinemas, so we are sure that there are plenty of you out there interested in playing games with these characters, so we could not have missed the opportunity of bringing you Ferdinand Games online, especially since we were the first ones to create the category. We will now explain what you will be doing in Toro Training, so make sure that you pay attention! Your goal is to hit the barrels in order to keep your energy up. Along the way, also collect flowers, since they grant you extra energy. Whatever you do, do not hit a wall or a bunny, because if you do that three times, you lose the game, and we are sure that no one wants to lose a game, isn't that right? Those are the rules of the game, and to put them into effect, you will use the right and left arrow keys for controlling the bull. We have said what we wanted about the game, so it is now up to you to start it right away and have plenty of fun!


Use the arrow keys.


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