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Bull Run is the final game from the Ferdinand Games category that we want to share with you all today, but if you want to continue playing other games in this category, make sure that you come back tomorrow, when we still have a few of them left to share with you, and we are sure that you will be playing them, just like the four games we have added today into the category have been played quite a few times. In this game, you get the chance to run with the bull called Ferdinand, and if you want to learn how, you only need to keep on reading this description and find out! This is also one of the first 4-players games of the category, since you can play single player, but also in 2,3, or 4 players. Each one has a button, and you have to keep on pressing it as quickly as possible, because the first one to fill up the bar to the finish bar is going to be the winner of the game. Simple as that. Call your friends over, give the game a go, and have fun like you can only have on our website, where we hope that you come back daily to find the latest and most awesome games on the internet!


Use the keyboard.


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Kaylee 05.05.2018 20:12

It was funking stupid like, the screen was stupidly small and it didn't even tell me why p.s I DONT FUCKING CARE ABOUT THE WARNING

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