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Scooby Trap is one of the newest Scooby Doo Games that we are very happy we have got the chance of offering you all on our website, where right now we hope that none of you miss the opportunity of playing it, because we know that Scooby Doo is one of the most beloved animated character in the entire world, and he has been for quite a few years already, so we are certain that more games featuring him is always a good idea for our website. Now, up next, we will be explaining what it is you have to do in the game, so make sure you pay attention, so that you do a great job at it, from beginning to end. You will help Scooby get past the rowing baddies, so that he gets back to his crew. You move him using the left, right, and down arrow keys, and the space bar you use to jump or use an item. Catch up to the members of the Mystery Inc. Crew before the end of each level, and along the way make sure to avoid all traps or baddies, since bumping into them will cost you the whole game. Start now, enjoy, and do not hesitate to try other Scooby Doo Games that we have on our website!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.


Scooby Trap Walkthrough

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