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Spongebob: Boo or Boom is one of the newest Halloween Games we have added to the Spongebob Games category on our website, and we are sure that thanks to this game, this category of Nickelodeon Games is even better than it was before, which is why we are always bringing you new content in it, and we have seen that you enjoy it greatly, so you should not miss out on this opportunity. Spongebob, Patrick and the gang are going out trick-or-treating, and if you want to know what your role is in all this, find out by reading this description to the end, right now! You have to set the plumsters in the neighborhood, to blast away the plank-o-lanterns. If you do so, the tiles turn into the color of your character. Try to get the most candy points before each level ends. If you turn all of the tiles around a house to your character's color, you get extra points. You move using the four arrow keys, and to set down plumsters you are going to use the space bar. Be careful not to get caught in your own plumsters, and try to get as many power-ups as possible. Good luck to everyone, and we hope that you are going to have plenty of fun!


Use the arrow keys and space bar.


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