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It's a delight for us to add Minecraft Games on our website, and we know that it is very fun for all of you to play Minecraft Games, so today we have the pleasure of offering you the latest game in the category, a very special game which is called Steve Destroy Iphone, and which is the first game of it's kind not only in the category, but on the entire website! Phone destroying gamse became more and more popular, so one with Minecraft will certainly be very well regarded. Here, Steve found out his iphone is no good no more, and can't be repaired at all, so to relieve his anger, he decided to destroy it, and he is letting you share in on the fun, and destroy it with him. You will be able to do that by using the three tools on the left side of the screen, where you have a gun, an axe and a hammer. Use the three objects to shoot the iphone, cut it and smash it, until you make it look unrecognaiseble, and smash it to pieces. We are sure that you will enjoy doing that very much, and maybe you will play the game multiple times, to make sure you destroy it the best you can. Have fun!


Use the mouse.

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Gibby 10.12.2018 05:52

It's good if your looking for a good game to play

Clement 06.10.2017 21:43

Wow .... $/47$ and ... Boo...

noah 13.12.2016 14:26

Noah morre coco

samueu s l 05.07.2016 18:22

i may god

EMMA 28.05.2016 16:01

its stupid

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