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We know that Super Brawl Games are some of the most popular Nickelodeon Games from our website, which is why we knew that we had to bring over this new game as well, a game entitled Super Brawl World, which is a little bit different from the other brawling games of this category with which you might have gotten used to, which is exactly why you should not avoid this game, but play it and see for yourself just how much fun you will be having. It's one of the best fighting games and beat'em up games on this website, so let's explain it's format now, so you can begin playing the game immediately! First, choose between these three modes: Brawlville, Quick Brawl, and Brawl TV. You can choose from characters from shows such as Spongebob, Power Rangers, Ninja Turtles, The Loud House, Henry Danger, and more. With the keys that you are shown you can use to control your character, do your best in order to win each battle, which you do when you have completely depleted the opponent's health bar. Give it your best, start right now, and make sure to play other games in the category, since they are totally worth your time!


Use the arrow keys, space bar, mouse.


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