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In the Spongebob Games category on our website we always bring you nice and fun games to play, and the reason for that is because we have seen that every time that we add such a game, almost everyone who visits our website plays them, so more of them are surely welcome all the time, which is why we could not have missed out on the opportunity of bringing you some new ones today as well, games such as Spongebob: Return to Monster Island. If you are curious what you do in it, and most importantly, how, make sure to keep on reading this description to the end, right here and now! Move using the arrow keys, attack with the space bar, use X to interact with things, and Z to control the road or mount creatures. You are going to go around monster island, making friends, defeating enemies, and making sure that you defeat the evil monster on the island by the end of the game. You have a limited amount of lives, so be careful not too fall into traps or be attacked by monsters too much, since losing them costs you the whole game. Start now, do your best, and make sure to also try the other new games we have added today on our website!


Use the arrow keys, space bar, Z and X keys.


Spongebob: Return to Monster Island Walkthrough

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Here is my favorite part

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