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We are sure that you are always up for more Avengers Games in the Marvel Games category of Super Heroes Games from our website, which is why today we could not have missed out on the opportunity of bringing you all the game called Avengers: Tower Rush, which is a game we highly recommend to each and every one of you, since, if we have had so much fun playing it, why would the same thing not apply to you all as well? To make sure that is indeed the case, next up we will explain what you have to do, so make sure you pay attention to this whole description! Move and attack using the mouse, with which you can also summon allies or use special abilities, if those two things are available to you. Defeat as many enemies as you can, getting points in return, and do not let your character's health bar deplete completely, because then the game will be lost. You start out with Hawkeye as your default character, but as you advance, you will be able to use all sorts of other ones. Start the game right now, have a great time, and stick with us, if you want more awesome games all day long!


Use the mouse.


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