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We are back with a wonderfull game where we have to play together with Soy Luna, a new star from Disney Channel like Violetta. In this new game named Soy Luna Differences you will have to play a type of game named Spot the Differences where you have to spot 5 differences between two images, one in the left been the original and the right one that have some minor changes that you have to find. In Soy Luna Differences we have 3 levels so in the entire game you have to find and click 15 differences between 3 sets of photos with our new loveble Disney Channel character, Soy Luna. In the first level the differences are a little bit more easy to find because you will see that Luna from right will have green teeths, a cute bow and some hearts in the background. But the last level, 3, will be a little more difficult to solve it because all the differences between the images will be hidden so you will have to be more carefull. Play now and don't forget to let us a commnet about the game so we know if you liked it or not.


Use the mouse for finding the differences in Soy Luna Differences.

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