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Welcome everyone to Whack Your Ex, which we know is a game unlike anything else you might have played on our website in the past, and we know that because we have played this game, and all the other games on our website, so we are telling you this from our own experience. It is exactly why you should waste no time at all and play it as well, because otherwise you are missing out on a tremendous gaming experience, and a rather unique one as well. Almost everyone has an ex, and usually things with an ex are not good, and the relationship is rocky. Well, many would like to get revenge on their ex’s, but because it is not nice to do, you now get to do it in an online game, where no harm is done to anyone. If you want to learn about how you will do it, simply read this next part of the description carefully! You are going to be the woman, and you are going to be able to whack your ex in all sorts of different manners. On the bottom of the game screen you have different icons and buttons, and click on them, to see in what way you will beat up the ex, and try them all to get the full experience of such a game!


Use the mouse.


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