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A great game with your favorite Trolls characters from Disney Pixar it's here! I'm sure you know the beautiful story behind the main characters, Poppy and Branch. This is one of the best love test games from 2018! At the beginning, the main troll character named Branch it's all day grumpy and without life, and Poppy it's the Princess of Trolls, a colorful lady troll with lust of life! Until the end of the first story, they too come together and in the end Poppy change the hole perspective of Branch about life, following, he changed his color, his hair and from there he become happier! In this game we will not play with other characters like Creek, Bridget, DJ Suki, Cooper or other, just with Poppy and Branch. You will have to select who you want to be, Poppy or Branch and after that to respond on some questions about the other one. After you give the answers, you will see a love test meter and a percentage, where you can see how much love is there. You can replay how many times you want, trying to make a better love test score! If you love our new troll game from, we recommend you other games made by us. Don't forget that in 2019 we will have new games with Trolls 2! Have a great time with us!


Use the mouse to play this, or your touch.


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z 23.02.2019 12:23


Hi 30.12.2018 20:40

Ok good bordem game

milow 18.10.2018 19:34

I thank this game is so fun !

common sense 11.04.2018 17:54

this game does not look appropriate for kids, who would draw that thumbnail, poppy looks like she's going to be kidnapped in it.

Ja'nyakeen 18.02.2018 22:50


Brady 04.02.2018 21:09


Brady 04.02.2018 20:59

What the hack

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