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We do not think that online pinball games have ever before been added into the Disney Channel Games category, as well as the other categories in which this game is going to go into, since this is a game which features characters from multiple shows on this network, which makes the gaming experience even better. The categories that we are talking about are: Girl Meets World Games, Dog with a Blog Games, Austin and Ally Games, Liv and Maddie Games, I Didn’t Do It Games, Jessie Games. The reason for that is because you get to play pinball on pinball tables inspired by the shows, featuring characters and things from them, and when you start the game you get to choose which one you want. As for the gameplay, it is the same as other pinball games online you might have played, in which you use the left and right arrows to control the flippers, with which you send the ball into the pins, because the more you hit, the more points you get, but do not let the ball get into the hole. Now that you know about the gameplay as well, nothing should be standing in your way of trying the game right now, and having lots of fun with it!


Use the arrow keys.


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Taylor swift 26.05.2019 09:04

I think the game was great it was really fun Iv never had that much fun in my life.

Victoria Omokayode 28.05.2018 15:10

I thought I was gonna create my own animation.

shanakay hamilton 24.02.2018 17:47

i like to watching Li and M Addie and that is my favorite and two sister with dear mother and dear father and dear two brother and she have a best friend name is well and that is her best friend on the TV watching and it on TV every day on 51 and i love the two sister and you known that help the people in the community and go to school with dear mother and father and two brother and her best friend and she love her best friend. and one of the sister in play basketball and on e sing at school and one winner the game at school.

shanakay hamilton 24.02.2018 17:38

i love to play her game on my computer, and texting me back on my computer and i like to play her game.

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