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Tako Bubble is a platformer game unlike anything else you have played before, and we are telling you this because when we first played it, we realized that we did also never played anything like this before, so we hope that you are going to have just as great of a first experience with this game as we have had when we played it, and we really hope that none of you are going to dare miss out on it, because we have worked hard towards bringing this game over to you all, so that you get to have lots of fun. Let us first explain what you do in the game and how, after which you will be able to start the game and play it with ease! Well, in this game, you are going to control an octopus, and you are going to do it using the four arrow keys. Go down and collect all of the bubbles from the platform, but be careful not to touch any of the enemies, because doing so costs you the whole game. Be also careful of any other obstacles, and remember that only collecting all of the bubbles will clear you the level. That’s it, so we want to end things by wishing you good luck and a really great time with this game!


Use the arrow keys.


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