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Jumping Games in the Skill Games category on our website can be found very often, but we are sure that none of them compare to Super Bloody Finger Jump, which is going to be an unique experience for everyone who plans on playing this game, and we have absolute trust that this game is quickly going to become a hit on our website, and that it is going to be greatly appreciated by all those who play it, just like we have had quite a great time with it. Because we already know what you have to do in it, we will now explain it, so you can let the fun begin immediately! You are going to control a finger who is jumping, with the goal being to jump as higher and higher as possible, getting as many stars along the way, to get a big score. You can do front flips and back flips during the jumps, by clicking on the right and left sides of the screen, but watch out not to hit the sides of the screen, because that means certain death, and having to start all over again. Trust us when we say that it is going to be fun, so start right now, and see for yourself that this is the case!


Use the mouse.


Super Bloody Finger Jump Walkthrough

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