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Well, look at us, we have returned to the Io Games category from our website, which we know is a category that gets lots of visits from those who come to our website, so something tells us that this game is going to be also accessed by lots of you, and not only that, but that you are going to have fun from beginning to end with it, just like we can say that we have had, which is why we could not have missed this opportunity for anything in the world. Before having added the game, we have played it, so right now we can tell you what you have to do in it, so make sure that you read this to the end, so that you know what to do! You are going to go in this sugary world and eat sweets and other players in order to get yourself bigger. Do not let yourself get covered in jam! Also avoid getting eaten by other players, and avoid the drones which keep dropping jam down on all the players. You can also play the team mode, where you work together with other real players to capture the flag. It’s a great multiplayer game, so do not miss the chance to play it for anything in the world!


Use the mouse.


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